Our 2020 Holiday Event & Sale is happening Now with some FREE classes, especially our Krav Maga Weapons Workshop! Class Registration links are on our Holiday Sale Page. It's not too late, Sale continues through Saturday at 1:30! Hope to see you there, in Person or Live on Zoom! Please Register first- Zoom link will be sent automatically after registering. 11-11:45AM Family Karate Class and then at 12-1PM Our Annual Krav Maga Weapons Workshop! UPDATE: DUE TO TO OUR CURRENT INCREASE IN COVID CASES, WE WILL EXTEND OUR SALE TO 7:30PM NEXT FRIDAY, 12/11/2020!





Welcome to our 12 Weeks Krav Maga Fitness Challenges for Women. These 12 weeks are exactly the same as our original 6 Week Krav Maga Get-Fit Challenges. If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals by training hard and getting amazing support with women from every walk of life, this is for you! In addition, we added 12 Krav Maga Self-defense techniques, one per week. You are not only getting fit, but learning real Krav Maga self-defense that could save your life!

We have had so many ladies return who loved the atmosphere and challenge that they quit their gyms and made this their main workout. So we have permanently replaced our former Fitness Kickboxing with our KM Fitness Challenges. Now we offer the challenge for 12-week blocks. The price is only $299, that's less than $8 per class! Your Health & Safety are worth far more.

We know that Self-defense is so important, (1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime) that now our challenge includes Krav Maga Self Defense that could actually save your life!

When you have reached your fitness goals and learned some Krav Maga, you may be ready to challenge yourself more- our Krav Maga classes! As a further motivation we will give you some free classes to start!




In our challenges, we WILL motivate, inspire and encourage each and every participant to succeed! Our instructor has trained thousands over the last 38 years with phenomenal results and the only variable is "your" commitment and dedication to attend class with your very best effort. These challenges are ideal for women age 18 and up, and we always see a wide range of ages represented in our class groups. We maintain an atmosphere of encouragement and fun with absolutely no judgment!

We commandeered our former Saturday KM Bag class for this challenge, (we do not have a video of the women’s challenge as we respect your privacy, but you can see part of our KM Bag class examples here: https://youtu.be/nfBT0H56zUw and https://youtu.be/bV8CJEeofHQ.

BTW, we are almost finished enlarging our Mat space more than half! No more crowding!

As you can see, an average KM Fitness Class will keep you burning fat and building muscle through a variety of bodyweight moves, cardio moves, kettlebell, medicine ball, interval training, and Krav Maga strikes, blocks, and kicks. We mix things up every day to keep your muscles confused and to keep things interesting!

The Krav Maga Self Defense techniques will be presented at the beginning of each week so you have the entire week to perfect them and make them your own -if you are attacked, you will know what to do in the most immediate and effective way possible with Krav Maga!

Our Challenge includes access to our private Challenge Facebook Group with a personalized meal plan, encouragement, videos, discussion, motivation, questions and more! Our class attendance is limited so get the details and register below as soon as possible!

Classes begin April 13th!

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