FREE Bully Defense Workshop for Ages 6-18 Thursday, October 29th at 6PM Look for details coming soon! MEMBERS: 4th Quarter Curriculum Videos, are all available now with Vimeo---No more YouTube redirects and Ads! You can find your your curriculum with category search bar! (White stripe coming soon) KRAV MAGA: Level 1 & 2, M/W classes are back 7:15 to 8:15pm!
Pittsburgh Loves USA Professional Karate Studio Since 1981!

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USA Professional Karate Studio

Making People Confident, Strong, and Safe . . .

We are the most established Karate school in the greater Pittsburgh area, having first opened our doors on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill in March, 1981. Sensei George Mowod and staff teach American Freestyle Karate, which is a combination of different styles of karate and various martial arts mixed with sport kickboxing, American boxing, and weapon's training and defense, to produce immediate and practical application of the martial arts. We have a friendly, respectful, family atmosphere where we emphasize character development, physical fitness and self-defense. Our teaching methods employ up-to-date & scientifically proven means of learning such as positive reinforcement, goal setting, and use of stripes, belts, merit patches and rewards to motivate, encourage and maintain the interest of every student. As a result, we see hundreds of students reaching their highest potential in life. Our children's program is second to none and includes a variety of specific classes for children based on age and experience level.

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“Krav Maga is so much fun. The classes are a great workout as well as teaching you to defend yourself in an increasingly uncertain world. George is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend USA Professional Karate!”

Mr. CK, Krav Maga Student

Great program. Great class. I always learn a lot.

Mr. CC, Karate Parent and Krav Maga Student

"I like the change up in routine."

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh

Ms. BV, 12 Wk Krav Maga Fit Challenge

"I am part of the 6 week Krav Fitness Challenge. I've hated exercising in the past. But... I actually love this!! Being in a group really motivates you and you're only in competition with yourself. Classes always start on time and very organized and creative. Now I'm extremely interested in taking the Beginners Krav Maga class after this challenge." Update: "And the 12 week challenge is just as awesome!!! 👊🏼💪🏼"""

Ms. SM, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

"George and Vicky are the most wonderful people. George is a nice guy, he’s soft spoken and he works well with my son. He’s a Tiger. I’d recommend to anyone if they are looking for an amazing studio. My son’s behavior has taken a turn for the better. Thank you so much!"

Ms. AE, Karate Student Mom

"Such a warm, welcoming crew at this studio! The owners show that they’re truly in this to help people and to stop women from becoming victims. Highly recommended!!"

Ms. PO, Women's Fight Back Workshop

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