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  • Women's Self Defense Workshop

    Welcome to our Women's Self Defense Workshops! Our next Women's Fight Back Workshop will be held on Sunday, November 17, 2024 from 2-5 PM . We are so happy that you found us where we can help you “Learn To Fight Back!” We offer our workshops twice a year, once in April and again in November (11/17/24). We will introduce Krav Maga which is the most effective and immediate answer to an assault. To learn more about Krav Maga please click the logo below: We invite females from age 13 and up to this Workshopto learn how to respond to the real-world extreme threat females face today. (Younger girls should not attend due to the graphic subject matter we must ....

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  • 2023 Krav Maga FIT Class

    WELCOME to Our KRAV MAGA FIT Classes! Krav Maga FIT Classes are starting January 23rd, every Monday and Wednesday, at 7:15 PM ! We are so happy to Re-start our Krav Maga FIT Classes---Now on almost twice the mat space since our last KM FIT Challenges and Classes! So, if you are serious about reaching your fitness goals by training hard and getting amazing support with folks from every walk of life, this is for you! In our Krav Maga FIT Classes, we WILL motivate, inspire and encourage each and every participant to succeed! Our instructor has trained thousands over the last 41 years with phenomenal results and the only variable is "your" commitment and dedication ....

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  • Bring A Buddy Break A Board: Buddy Pass

    Welcome! Welcome! Here is our Registration Link: Break A Board Buddy Pass Registration Make sure you fill out the form completely , you will also receive a special gift! We can't wait to meet you! ....

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  • Announcing Home Practice Videos

    Greetings Members! We are proud to announce that our Home Practice Videos are now available! Sensei has been working hard, while keeping in mind each and every student! We miss you all very much! (We had many technical delays getting these out to you, but now they are here!
    ) In these difficult times, we hope that these practice videos can help you continue your training, keep you mentally and physically strong and help you overcome this unique adversity. Please take the karate challenges, practice your skills while watching the videos and use this as an opportunity to train with your whole family . There will be many more videos to come, including KM Fit Challenge work-outs, but ....

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  • Incredible Offer for 4 and 5 Year Olds

    Is your child ready for a new challenge?

    The Tigers Program at USA Professional Karate Studio provides our 4- and 5-year-old students with invaluable skills and helps them develop into strong young leaders! Get started with a private orientation class & a group class for ONLY $19.99! PLUS, your child will be celebrated with a promotion to White Belt! Our Tigers curriculum is based on themes, meaning your little one will learn about life and karate in a fun way that makes sense to them. Parents are impressed with their child's quick learning of respect, manners, focus, and a love for learning! ....

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  • Our Holiday Sale is This Saturday!

    Here is a Link to our Century Online Holiday Catalog, it has bookmarks, clip saving and is beautiful in full color! Click Here For: Online Catalog Link Click Here For: Catalog Apparel Insert Click Here For: Catalog Prices Insert Click Here For: Holiday Order Form Click Here For: Engraving Order Form We hope you Join us for the FUN and Opportunities to try our classes and support your or your Martial Artist's Training! ....

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