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Women's Self Defense Workshop


to our Women's Self Defense Workshops!

Our first Women's Fight Back Workshop will be held on Sunday, April 23, 2023 from 2-5 PM.

We are so happy that you found us where we can help you “Learn To Fight Back!” 

We offer our workshops twice a year, once in April (4/23/23) and again in November (11/19/23). We will introduce Krav Maga which is the most effective and immediate answer to an assault. To learn more about Krav Maga please click the logo below:

We invite females from age 13 and up to this Workshop to learn how to respond to the real-world extreme threat females face today. (Younger girls should not attend due to the graphic subject matter we must cover.)

The tragic fact shown by this statistic: "1 in every 4 women are assaulted in their lifetime" & violence against women, in particular all over the world has created a demand for planning ahead to become your own First Line of Defense!
Remember: You are worth fighting for and our Workshop will empower you to learn how to Fight Back! You have the right to Fight and still be a loving and caring person---but you must continue to live to love and care, first!

It's easy to find us and we have parking!

The address is 2345 Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill, PA 15217. You should wear workout clothes and plan to train barefoot.
The admission is $15 which will be donated to the Women's Shelter. 

Be committed to yourself by becoming prepared, equipped and empowered!

Get to know some of our women Krav Maga Members, some of who are professional counselors for crime victims. They will assist with our defensive drills and you will see excellent demonstrations. You will also get a complete packet with an outline and additional materials to review what you have learned.

To REGISTER please click the FIGHT BACK! button and see more details

We also invite attendees afterwards to try 2 FREE weeks of our regular Krav Maga classes as a guest, because we know you will want more!

We also want the practice and drills to help you develop muscle memory so that if or when you are attacked and your mind may be in shock, your body will "remember" what to do!!! You will hear real life examples of this at the workshop.

Watch a video interview of one of our KMW Licensing Instructors on the effectiveness of Krav Maga for women:


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