Welcome To our Website! We're looking forward to our 2023 Open House happening THIS Saturday, January 21 Starting at 9:30AM. Check out our Events Menu where you can register for any or all of our 3 FREE Classes: 10 AM-Intro to Krav Maga for ages 16+, 11 AM-Intro to Krav Maga FIT ages 16+, and 12PM-Intro to Karate, ages 6+. Our Open House includes Prizes and our BEST Program Deal for all of 2023! We are very happy to restart our KM FIT Class AND to offer some Brand New Classes, starting Monday, next week! This is the perfect time to start off 2023 with us or even re-start--to improve your health with fitness, learn self-defense, gain more confidence, and build strong character to face life's challenges. We are time-tested, celebrating 42 years of improving and even saving lives & know what it takes to help you reach your goals, we have developed a very welcoming and motivating culture among our Karate and Krav Maga family where everyone remembers when they first started and love to provide the same warm, encouraging welcome to all our newbies. Try out our Intro classes this Saturday with more newbies and see for yourself! We really can't wait to meet you! BTW, thanks for reading to the end! Just hit the little X to close this so you can check us out!

Krav Maga Fitness Classes

Welcome to our Krav Maga FIT Classes!

Krav Maga FIT classes are starting January 23rd, every Monday and Wednesday at 7:15 pm.

We are so happy to Re-start our Krav Maga FIT Classes---Now on almost twice the mat space since our last KM FIT Challenges and Classes!

So, if you are serious about reaching your fitness goals by training hard and getting amazing support from students from every walk of life, this is for you! 

In our Krav Maga FIT Classes, we WILL motivate, inspire and encourage each and every participant to succeed! Our instructor has trained thousands over the last 41 years with phenomenal results and the only variable is "your" commitment and dedication to attend class with your very best effort. We maintain an atmosphere of encouragement and fun with absolutely no judgment!

An average KM FIT Class will keep you burning fat and building muscle through a variety of body-weight exercises, cardio, kettle bell, medicine ball, interval training, and Krav Maga strikes, blocks and kicks. We mix things up every class to keep your muscles confused and to keep things interesting! Why choose us over another fitness program?

As an OFFICIAL Krav Maga Worldwide Training Center™ we are dedicated to saving lives!

With KRAV MAGA FIT,  you will learn real self-defense and develop your striking and fighting skills while getting into the best shape of your life!

Try a Free class on 1/21/23 at our Open House. Then you have the opportunity to get the Best Discount of the year AND win prizes.

Registration is required.

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