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Experience Hyper Pro Training in Pittsburgh

Hyper Pro Training classes combine a fusion of Martial Arts techniques, plyometrics, acrobatics, creative forms, & weapons performances, music, and special events to inspire the world's top Marital Arts athletes.

A Fun and Modern Martial Arts Experience in Pittsburgh

Learn the best open hand & weapons performance routines created by world champions just for the Hyper Pro Training Members.

Get The Full Hyper Pro Training Experience!

Warm up - Martial arts sparring plyometrics and advances flexibility routines.

Solid Foundation Training - Practice powerful striking and kicking techniques for a solid foundation.

Combat Sprints - Partner up with a friend in class to challenge yourself with a fast cross training drill.

Pro Combination - Learn a pro sparring or self defense combination and drill it to perfection.

Coaches Huddle Discussion - Learn the mental lessons to win in the ring and in life from pro athletes.

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