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Martial Arts Programs Available In Pittsburgh

Krav Maga

Train hard and go home safe with our Krav Maga classes at USA Professional Karate Studio. Taught by Chief Instructor and Sensei George Mowod, a 7th Degree Black Belt and licensed Krav Maga Worldwide instructor, our classes offer the most comprehensive self-defense and fitness training in Squirrel Hill.

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Krav Maga FIT

Krav Maga FIT Classes are held Monday and Wednesday at 7:15 to 8:15 pm. We are so happy to Re-start our Krav Maga FIT Classes---Now on almost twice the mat space since our last KM FIT Challenges and Classes!

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Kids Karate

At USA Professional Karate Studio, we have served thousands of kids in the greater Squirrel Hill area with valuable like skills through our Kids Karate Classes. We have an extensive and most exclusive program designed for each age group beginning at four years of age.

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Adult Karate

Learn Karate for self-defense, physical fitness, and character training in a fun, positive and motivating atmosphere with our Adult Karate Classes at USA Professional Karate Studio. Designed for students 13 years and older, these classes are perfect for all martial arts experience levels.

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Day Camps

Hyper Teamed up with the top martial arts schools to offer a cool Youth Martial Arts Camp experience! Learn a fusion of traditional martial arts with Hyper's modern curriculum!

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Hyper Pro Training

Hyper Pro Training classes combine a fusion of Martial Arts techniques, plyometrics, acrobatics, creative forms, & weapons performances, music, and special events to inspire the world's top Marital Arts athletes.

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Karate Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's next birthday at USA Professional Karate Studio with our Karate Birthday Parties. Just Imagine: You and Sensei leading all of your friends through an authentic Karate class. It will be the best part of the year!

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