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USA Professional Karate Studio Reviews

“Krav Maga is so much fun. The classes are a great workout as well as teaching you to defend yourself in an increasingly uncertain world. George is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend USA Professional Karate!”

Mr. CK, Krav Maga Student

Great program. Great class. I always learn a lot.

Mr. CC, Karate Parent and Krav Maga Student

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh
"I like the change up in routine."

Ms. BV, 12 Wk Krav Maga Fit Challenge

"I am part of the 6 week Krav Fitness Challenge. I've hated exercising in the past. But... I actually love this!! Being in a group really motivates you and you're only in competition with yourself. Classes always start on time and very organized and creative. Now I'm extremely interested in taking the Beginners Krav Maga class after this challenge." Update: "And the 12 week challenge is just as awesome!!! 👊🏼💪🏼"""

Ms. SM, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

"George and Vicky are the most wonderful people. George is a nice guy, he’s soft spoken and he works well with my son. He’s a Tiger. I’d recommend to anyone if they are looking for an amazing studio. My son’s behavior has taken a turn for the better. Thank you so much!"

Ms. AE, Karate Student Mom

"Such a warm, welcoming crew at this studio! The owners show that they’re truly in this to help people and to stop women from becoming victims. Highly recommended!!"

Ms. PO, Women's Fight Back Workshop

"My son is a perfectionist and struggles when he isn’t “getting it” quick enough. Sensei has created a beautiful environment of kids supporting and encouraging each other to succeed and perform well rather than brutal competition and tearing each other down. The kids feel safe to try just a little more and risk failing and trying again because there is no shame here. My son has thrived in this environment and I am so proud to be associated with this amazing studio and to know George, the most patient and kind but stern and respected Sensei. All the love for this place."

Ms. SD, Karate Parent

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh
"Loving these classes!!"

MS. JK, 12 Wk Fit Challenge

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh
"I love every class, but yesterday was a great variety with the wood breaking! Nicely demonstrates that my punches could do serious damage if I ever got into serious trouble."

Mr. YB, Krav Maga Student

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh

"Always a great workout! The people are great and I feel like I’m learning so much."

Ms. IR, Krav Maga Student

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh

"Every time I leave training I always think the studio is named USA *PROFESSIONAL* Karate for a reason... top class instructors, I enjoy every session."

Mr. AM, Krav Maga Student

The master is wonderful and my son loves the class!

Mr. BP, Karate Parent

I've been taking Krav Maga for just a few weeks but already feel my skill level going up. The classes are friendly, encouraging, and extremely practical. Do I think I can defeat any attacker? No, but I'm pretty sure I could make them regret choosing me.

Ms. MK, Karate Parent and Krav Maga Student

I really enjoy my group- have developed Real relationships that make the class a lot of fun

Mr. BG Karate Student

Always love class, it is inspiring and feels like a safe space to learn and grow without judgement!

Ms. KD, Karate Student

I love these classes. I would have never guessed I could still do these things at my age.

Ms. SN, Hyper Pro Training Athlete

Krav Maga is so much fun. The classes are a great workout as well as teaching you to defend yourself in an increasingly uncertain world. George is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend USA Professional Karate!

Mr. CK, Krav Maga Student

Honestly, I've never felt more complete as a person than when I started taking classes. George's classes never disappoint! 10/10 every time!

Ms. KC, Krav Maga Student

Every class is my favourite class, honestly. This is the best part of my day.

Ms. NS, Krav Maga Student

If you're wondering whether or not you should try a class at USA Professional Karate, just do it! It is completely worth it. You will find a sense of achievement and pride in yourself. This is such an encouraging environment. George is an amazing instructor and your classmates are also so encouraging as well. I have made some great friends here and take every class I possibly can.

Ms. KC, Krav Maga Student

My 6 year old son has been going to USA Professional karate for 2 years and absolutely loves it. Sensei is an outstanding teacher - very patient with the class and also instills a sense of discipline. My son loves it so much he never wants to miss a class!

Mr. RP, Karate Parent

Honestly I love these classes. I've felt more alive and empowered learning my own strengths. George is an excellent teacher, and Vicki and April are truly a blessing. I rec- ommend everyone definitely try this class!!

Ms. PV, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

Great class-you are going to need more room soon

Dr. JP, Krav Maga Student

I'm learning the krav maga and I'm loving It so far.

Mr. TM, Krav Maga Student

Krav Maga near Pittsburgh

"Amazing as always"

Ms.VK, Karate Student, Hyper Pro Training Athlete and Krav Maga Student

The classes were awesome! I have one more week before my 6 week challenge ends, my conditioning has has improved tremendously and as of today I have lost 7 pounds. Seriously considering more classes.

Ms. CM, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

I'd choose not to rate this because there's no sixth star but I'll give a five. In the midst of my sixth year, karate has probably been my highest location of attendance second to only school. The studio is a wonderful place where I have always felt relaxed, protected and confident. Karate has improved myself, and many others around me in so many ways. I'm very thankful to have it in my life (late for Thanksgiving) and I hope to always have the time in my future to continue attending. Maybe I should have copied and pasted the essay I wrote about Karate!

Mr. GB, Karate Student (wrong name listed in google)

This class has helped me tremendously! It doesn't get easier, as I thought it might . I've surprised myself enjoying exercising with others rather than doing so alone. Who would have thought there were so many ways to do a push up or a sit up!!!

Ms. LB, Krav Maga Fit Challenger

As always, the class pushed me to exercise more vigorously than I ever would have on my own.

Mr. TN, Karate Student, Hyper Pro Training Athlete

I have been a part of the 6 week challenge and I am very impressed with this organization! I get excited every time I go to a class. Everyone is very supportive and motivating to every single person that walks through the doors.

Ms. DH, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

I have been attending the Aerobic kickboxing class for more than 5 years. I keep coming back because it’s always fun: kicks and punches, combined with floor exercises such as lunges, mountain climbers, stretches, ab work. It’s a pretty rigorous session, and too difficult for me to do all the exercises since I’m the oldest one in the class! – but Sensei George always tells us to work at our own pace, and suggests modifications -- so I don’t feel self-conscious doing fewer repetitions or simpler versions of the exercise. So, it’s a good class for the very fit, and those not quite so athletic. Some of the exercises repeat each session, and others change each time, so you never get bored. Thanks for offering this class!

Ms. CM, Fitness Kickboxing Student

I came into the school's Krav Maga program a rank beginner, never studying martial arts before and at 41, had let myself get woefully out of shape. When I started, I could barely get through the classes without collapsing to the mat sucking wind because my cardio was so bad. Fast forward six months and I was in the best shape of my adult life, passed a grueling level test that truly tested me, and it has truly improved who I am in every way. The school is small, the curriculum is Krav Maga Worldwide standard, but it's the instructor, George Mowod that makes it something worth a 5 star rating. He knows his stuff, lets you know when he doesn't, and most importantly, is a good teacher, seemingly meek and mild...until you see him throw a side kick or a series of knees. :)

Mr. RS, Krav Maga Student and Karate Parent

My son joined the studio a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend. We had been searching for a place that would both teach him the tools of Karate as well as boost his self confidence and self respect. USA Professional Karate does that in spades. From the expertise of the teachers to the kindness of the other students. Everyone is so very encouraging. We have enjoyed watching our son flourish in the program so much that my husband has now joined and is enjoying the learning process of this wonderful discipline as well. I am so glad we found this diamond in the heart of Squirrel Hill.

Ms. KR, Karate Parent

Shows in great detail how to perform each move so that the person learning it doesn't run the risk of harming themselves or even just getting it wrong. The class is very comfortable and you don't feel the need to compare yourself to your classmates.

Ms. LC, Krav Maga Get Fit Challenger

I am so inspired every day when I see the smiling, happy faces of children and adults excited, motivated and eager to reach their goals. It brings me to tears to have personally seen hundreds of families' lives improved & transformed by the many benefits of Karate! Our youngest son told me this weekend how very much learning karate as a child has helped him in his life now as an adult!

Ms. VM, Karate Parent and studio co-owner/mgr.

Always love being part of the karate family, love each and every class!!”

Ms.KD, Karate Student

The people who run this business are truly the most dedicated couple toward making their company a positive place for their students. I am very impressed with their know-how and their passion. I think anyone would find this to be true! Give them a try! I'm sure it will be worth it!

Ms. MLR, Karate Friend and Parent

I started taking Krav Maga classes with George a couple of months ago. While there is some repetition in the weekly lesson plans that allow us to perfect the moves, George still makes the classes exciting and has new ways of training us for real world situations. I've never stuck with a structured fitness class as long as I have this time with KM and it's something I look forward to every week. It's also one of the few fitness classes that I'm able to use what we do outside of the studio. On my way home from work a few days ago, a man on a bus was acting very threateningly towards the women on the bus. Before taking George's classes, I would have been scared and felt helpless. This time it was different, because I knew what I could do if I needed to defend myself. I have a new confidence now when I walk around by myself, and I have George to thank for that.

Ms. AK, Krav Maga Student

My daughter loves her karate classes! Sensei has a great way of balancing strict behavioral expectations with fun and encouragement. I'm glad she's learning some self defense techniques and ways to manage both physical and social bullying. I'm glad we signed up!

Ms. MK, Karate Parent

This is such a great studio. I just started classes a few weeks ago, and I have already learned so much. It's a great experience every time I walk in for a class, and it's one of the best parts of my day. I highly recommend you check it out!

Ms. MD, Krav Maga Student

f you have never attended a class or just stopped by then you truly have missed a great place to go. I have known George for more than 20 years and is the best teacher I've every seen!

Mr. RJ, Karate Student and Parent

As always I'm overwhelmed with the instruction & discipline my son receives on a bi- weekly basis. He has grown in ways words can not describe, I thank each & every indi- vidual involved in the development of my child's work ethic. And would recommend this environment for any child. Thank you again.

Mr. SG, Karate Parent

I went here for near 3 years. One of the best experiences of my life. I met new people, experienced new ways on how to live my everyday life and in the process learned how to fight without fighting. The instructors and Mediators at the studio are fantastic.

Mr. RSM, Karate Student

I have really enjoyed the past three months. The instruction is superb and what really makes the experience even better is the camaraderie of the students. There is a true willingness to help which, for a new comer, is very welcoming and encouraging

Dr. BG, Karate Student

Not too strict. Not too lax. So that everybody exercises and learns some serious karate while having some fun. Sensei is just perfect with kids and adults alike.

Mr. JP, Karate Student and Parent

Class last night was wonderful, as usual. My favorite part of any day is class!

Mr. LYL, Karate Student

I was VERY impressed with my introduction here that I signed up for Krav Maga! Looking forward to a leaner and to be a better person in 2016.

Mr. MEH, Krav Maga Student

So far so good we have had a great experience here! We are looking forward to many happy years here!!!

Ms. MS, Karate Parent

I joined the krav maga. Great teacher and class everyone's very nice there.

Mr. TM, Krav Maga Student

I have been involved with martial arts (on and off) since the 70's and have visited or trained at a number of schools. Don't go here if you want to be a professional cage fighter, but otherwise, this is easily the best studio for kids, families, and anyone who wants to get all of the benefits of martial arts.

Mr. JC, Karate Student and Fitness KB Instructor

Best place u guys should go there

Mr. AA

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