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Announcing Home Practice Videos

Announcing Home Practice Videos

Greetings Members!

We are proud to announce that our Home Practice Videos are now available! Sensei has been working hard, while keeping in mind each and every student! We miss you all very much! (We had many technical delays getting these out to you, but now they are here!)

In these difficult times, we hope that these practice videos can help you continue your training, keep you mentally and physically strong and help you overcome this unique adversity. Please take the karate challenges, practice your skills while watching the videos and use this as an opportunity to train with your whole family.

There will be many more videos to come, including KM Fit Challenge work-outs, but these are a start.

Please send us videos and photos of your own training at home, Sensei will be very encouraged! We all will be encouraged!! 

Remember to login at https://usaprokarate.com/account/login with your curriculum members email: usaprokarate@members.com and the special password we emailed to you. Also, please remember DO NOT share our videos as they are Members Only, Thank you!

For your success in adversity!

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