FREE Bully Defense Workshop for Ages 6-18 Thursday, October 29th at 6PM Look for details coming soon! MEMBERS: 4th Quarter Curriculum Videos, are all available now with Vimeo---No more YouTube redirects and Ads! You can find your your curriculum with category search bar! (White stripe coming soon) KRAV MAGA: Level 1 & 2, M/W classes are back 7:15 to 8:15pm!

!! Summer Camp is ON for August !!

!! Summer Camp is ON for August !!


We wanted to update everyone on our upcoming Summer Camp. We are combining the Earn A belt Camp with our HYPER Weapons Camp starting August 10th and ending with Belt Promotions on Friday, August 14th.

If you haven't finalized your plans, there is still time! We also take very seriously the importance of health and safety and have done everything we possibly can to ensure that the camp environment will meet all the necessary safety requirements.

This camp is open for ages 6 and up and also welcomes new students.

To learn more about our camp check out the brochure below, Our 2020 Summer Camp Website Page, and you can also ensure your spot by registering below. As always, space is limited but we almost doubled our mat size in March! Just in time for social distancing!

Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Camp Brochure Link: 2020 Camp Brochure

Website Page Link: 2020 Day Camps

Enroll Here Link:  2020 Camp Registration & Details

Camp Promo Video:

We only have 4 spots available ~ Don't Wait!

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